Sept. 2019

Music: Branko, Cosima, Sango and Profjam
Directed by: Augusto Fraga
3D & VFX: Musgo Studio

2 days of filming, 4 months of post-production and 80 people were involved for the release of Branko's theme song “Hear From You”.
Augusto came to us with an idea of a love story during the caos of a war. He wanted a modern and slick film, with impossible and riscky camera movements, a lot of shots, explosions, drones, war machines and robots. That was our challenge for this project.

Credits List

Prod. Company - Krypton Films
Director - Augusto Fraga
DOP - André Szankowski
Edit - Marcos Castiel
Color Grading - Paulo Inês
3D & VFX - Musgo Studio


Our biggest challenge was to create an environment that puts the viewer in a state of war.
The team had to spread across the entire film numerous of shots, fire, explosions, muzzle flashes, smoke, camera shakes, dust, debris, etc. Technique-wise this project used all of our resources. Countless hours of simulation, rendering and hard work were spent to ensure we were hitting everything required. This resulted in a piece we are much proud of.

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