Agency: cOmon
Concept and Direction - Musgo

We were asked to think bigger and in three moments: a take-off, a contact and a return - a space trilogy. An unparalleled work, from another galaxy, that could express the client's greatness, its services, its vision, its strength.

Credit List
Produced & Directed by Musgo
3D & VFX - Musgo
3D Artists - Nemanja Ivanonic, Linus Zoll, Joshua Mitchell, Mário Domingos, Jorge Carvalho
Star Fields and Wormhole - Dialogue
Sound Design - Som de Lisboa
Edit Assistant - Jéssica Carvalho

Three films were created that told this story on 5 giant screens over 10 meters high. The Altice Arena was transformed into a giant shuttle, which advanced into space. It was the game of images, sounds and lights that made this a unique and chilling experience. It took two months of work, surrounded by rockets, nebulae, holographic interfaces and astronauts that resulted in extraordinary, immersive work.

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