National Notes

Banco Nacional de Angola

Notes with history

Angola's Landmarks

When Banco Nacional de Angola approached us to create a product launch video for their new national bank notes, we knew we had an opportunity to showcase their innovative features and celebrate the country's rich history. Our approach was to captivate viewers by transporting them into immersive 3D worlds, each representing a different note and its corresponding significant location in Angola's national history.

We carefully crafted a series of videos, each highlighting distinct features of the bank notes. We emphasized their tear resistance and the use of polymer materials, explaining why they offer superior quality compared to their predecessors. Here, we show a quick mashup of the best moments.

To bring the notes to life, we ventured beyond traditional illustrations. We transformed each note into a gateway to a fully realized 3D world, inspired by the real locations they represent. These worlds were adorned with colors and textures matching the notes, creating a cohesive visual experience.

The expansiveness of the illustrations allowed us to unfold the stories of Angola's historical landmarks in an engaging and visually stunning manner.


Design, Direction & Animation
Musgo Studio

Production Company
9 Films

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