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Killer whale

Did you see that?

Prepare to be amused by LIDL's latest edgy commercial. This time, the spotlight is on a boat trip where two guys find themselves hilariously oblivious to the captivating killer whale spectacle happening just behind them. As they engage in a casual conversation about the supermarket, their attention remains fixated on their Lidl snacks. In a twist of nature's unpredictability, a shark devours a tuna, only to become the prey itself as it falls victim to a mighty killer whale. These two individuals remain blissfully unaware of the astonishing drama transpiring just a few feet away.

So next time you find yourself on a cetacean boat trip, remember to keep your eyes open, or you might miss out on an extraordinary display of wildlife.


Animal action

We delved into clips of ocean creatures, studying their movements and behaviors, to ensure that our animations were accurate. But it wasn't just the animals that demanded our attention.The water elements were equally crucial to the authenticity of the shots .We simulated different sized splashes, calibrating each one to ensure they looked genuine and cohesive with the scene.

Animal assets

Besides studying their movement, we also had to work on the realism of the assets. The majestic killer whale, a humpback whale, a powerful white shark and an agile tuna. Our team worked on perfecting the shaders, fine-tuning every detail of the creatures.

LIDL_PASSEIO30_080_MUSGO_comp_v26_P1.1098 LIDL_PASSEIO30_080_MUSGO_comp_v26_P7_FINAL.1098



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