Whiskey Launch



Spirits and glass

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Neit Whiskey on their first product launch. Our goal was to create a captivating video that showcased their drink as the hero, carefully unravelling the beauty of the bottle as the scenes unfolded. We deliberately held back, teasing viewers with glimpses of the exquisite details: the supple leather, the intricate glass patterns, and the sleek cap. We unveiled the full bottle at the end, and this gradual unveiling created a sense of excitement and anticipation, allowing the product to shine.


A dance of light and glass

Starting with just the bottle, we were immediately drawn to its beautiful and intricate texture. We knew we wanted to highlight the refractions and reflections, using light to create a mesmerizing effect using the whisky's golden transparencies.
We decided to incorporate rock elements alongside the glass bottle. This not only provided a contrast to the glass surface but also ensured continuity with the live-action campaign that was being released concurrently. The campaign featured beach environments, sand, and rocks, making our video blend into the overall marketing strategy. Crafting this delicate dance of glass and light was an absolute pleasure for our team. 

As a delightful surprise, we went the extra mile and proposed a concept for a cup by cutting the bottom of the bottle. The client was so thrilled with the idea that they decided to produce these unique cups for some limited editions of the whiskey. We were thrilled to know that our creativity had left a lasting impact on the product.



During the R&D phase of our projects, we love to explore and experiment with different approaches that are not storyboarded. This helps us determine what works best and serves the advertisement or product most effectively. These experiments often influence our decision-making throughout the production process. Some of these shots never make the cut, while others occasionally find their way into the final film.


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